Ludvig Daae Dance to Dance to

Dance to Dance to is a dance performance for three dancers that questions what is “innovative” and what is considered to be “fine” art within the live arts. Ludvig Daae creates an alternate dance history with the premise that, rather than ballet as we know it, it was the 1970s disco that developed and became the backbone of dance for stage in the western world. Ballet is a result of the social dances from the European Renaissance courts being structured with certain choreographic tools. So what if the social dance of the nobility was disco rather than the relatively restrained movement sequences we know from dance history?
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Ludvig Daae, Konsept, Koreograf, Regi
Viktoria Andersson, Danser, Koreograf
Marcus Baldemar, Koreograf, Danser
Ulrika Berg, Koreograf, Danser
Daniel Åkerström-Steen, Scenografi, Lysdesign
William Rickman, Komponist
Tove Berglund, Kostymer
Sara Bergsmark, Produsent

23.02.20172000 MDT, Stockholm  
24.02.20172000 MDT, Stockholm  
25.02.20172000 MDT, Stockholm  
09.12.20172000 MDT, Stockholm  
10.02.20181830 Dansens HusDansens Hus  23 70 94 00
11.02.20181830 Dansens HusDansens Hus  23 70 94 00
14.09.20181830 Avant Garden, Trondheim  
15.09.20181730 Avant Garden, Trondheim  
22.11.20181930 RAS, SandnesKlikk på sted