Foto: Tommy Rustad

Compassion 2Dance Company Angels amongst us

“LOVE” - you spread your feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune that is contagious to all. “HOPE” - your wings are invisible but your presence is felt in the air by all. “PEACE” - the beautiful light you share makes life much brighter for all. The compassion for all so lovingly grows, because there are angels among us.

Støttet av: Sunndal Kommune, Norsk kulturråd

Tendai Malvine Makurumbandi, Koreograf, Danser
Takieddine Chanouf, Danser
Ioulia Plotnikova, Danser
Lenso Tendai, Danser
Yodit Mezgebe, Kostymer
Birgit Radmann, Kostymer

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