Foto: Kitty Schumacher

Karen Eide Bøen Hugo Hedberg (Sverige) Frank & Elena

In Frank & Elena Hedberg & Eide Bøen choreograph lines of thoughts, unconscious movements and everyday observations. Two people explore their inner monologue and communicate with each other: they talk about a hair on the floor; how to slip onto the bench at their favorite cafe and how they watch the moon. They linger in details and focus on the moment. Their minds wanders and they think about people they have lost touch with. Buster, Anna-Maja, Andreas, Bruno, Gustav, Rosalie, Ane.

Hedberg & Eide Bøen began collaborating as fellow students at Oslo National Academy of the Arts. They have a common interest in the performative and choreographic elements in everyday life. They also investigate the unconscious patterns of bodily motion and the relationship between thought and body.

Co-produced by Weld
With support by Arts Council Norway, Bergen kommune and Bergen Dansesenter

Karen Eide Bøen, Koreograf
Hugo Hedberg, Koreograf
Ronald Salas, Lys
Oda Brekke, Kunstnerisk veileder
Maia Means, Kunstnerisk veileder

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